Simpsonville rapidly declined after railroad closed, highway bypass

   Simpsonville is near the junction of Farm roads 1095 and 521, five miles northeast of Collegeport and 20 miles southwest of Bay City in southern Matagorda County.   
   The community was established about 1910 on the Buckeye to Collegeport railroad; the town had a railroad station house, an artesian well, a cotton gin, and several houses and barns.   
   Also in 1910, G.W. Mann secured a post office in his general store.   
   By 1914 a blacksmith shop was in operation at the community.   
   The post office closed in 1917, when the population had dwindled to ten.   
   Thereafter mail was routed through Palacios.   
   In 1928 the cotton gin closed, and by the 1930s the county road had been moved and the railroad had closed.   
   In 1930 and 1940 the population was reported as forty, but the 1946 county highway map showed no businesses at the site.   
   By 1949 Simpsonville was included within the Palacios Independent School District.   
   Simpsonville was shown on the 1989 county highway map, but no population figures were reported. In 2000 the population was 10.

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