Vanished Podo townsite named for Duncan Kaffir slave

   Podo was a shipping pen switch on the Southern Pacific Railroad which ran through the John Duncan Plantation situated in the northern part of Matagorda County. 
   The switch was named for the colorful Kaffir slave, “Podo,” who worked for John Duncan prior to the Civil War. 
   He came from Africa and was a leader of his people and “slave boss” for many years. 
   The Duncan home was in the vicinity of the switch, and when the railway came through in the early 1920s, the Pierce family named it “Podo.” 
   In 1917 the population of Podo was between 50 and 100. 
   All that remains today are two crepe myrtle trees and several brick cisterns in the vicinity of the former slave quarters. 

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