Sweet water spring on bay a big plus

NBC engineers await the "go ahead" from New York on the "Army Hour" broadcast Feb. 15, 1943. The show included a display of anti-aircraft fire from Well Point.

   Well Point, situated in southwest Matagorda County on Turtle Bay, received its name from the fresh water spring situated in this area.   
   Due to the erosion of the coastline, the spring is now in the bay.    
   This area was a favorite camping ground of the Karankawa (Carancahua) Indians.  
   Judge Silas Dinsmore, an early settler in the area, was friendly with the Karankawa Indians and did a lot of trading with them and one day, puzzled as to where these Indians were getting their water, he offered to trade a rifle to one of the Karankawas if they would disclose their source of fresh water.   
   That was supposedly the first rifle they had ever received.    
   Pleased with the trade they immediately took Mr. Dinsmore to a place in the Trespalacios bottoms.   
   On three sides were salt water and into the middle of that he waded out to where the Indian pointed, stooped down among the weeds and found the sweet water.   
   That place became known as Well Point.  

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