Holsworth family long, active part of Collegeport

Photo courtesy of the Holsworth Family Archives
Collegeport graduates. Margaret Holsworth, center, taught school in Collegeport for many years.

Around the turn of the last century, developers encouraged the colonization of the Texas Gulf Coast region. 
   Collegeport, established in 1908, was promoted as “The Town of Opportunity” by its developer, the Burton D. Hurd Land Company. 
   Numerous mid-western families were enticed to settle in this bustling new community, but economic reversals soon forced many of them to return to their former homes. 
   Mid-westerners, Edwin Arthur Holsworth and Helen Manners Pettigrew Holsworth came to Collegeport in 1910 from Joliet, Ill., to build a home and to enjoy retirement from their foundry business in Illinois. 
   They were among the earliest families to settle here, and quickly became involved in church and civic organizations, and also operated a store in the town. 
   Their descendants remained active in community affairs, in the First Presbyterian Church of Collegeport, and as farmers and ranchers. 
   Thomas Edwin Holsworth and Mason Standish Holsworth II continue to operate the M.S. Holsworth Ranch at Collegeport. 
   Although many of the family now reside elsewhere, they maintain their ties with this rural community and support its annual Collegeport Day homecoming. 
By Margaret Ann 
Holsworth Hodge – 1984
   John Holsworth, born on March 2, 1822, in Yorkshire, England, came to America in 1847. 
   He labored in Philadelphia, New York, Richmond, Va., toured the southern states, and located in St. Louis for a time. 
   He lived in Alton, Ill., and Bloomington, Ill., before settling in Joliet, Ill., where he was foreman for the Killman Manufacturing Company and later foreman for the Joliet Iron and Steel Works. 
   In 1854, he married Caroline P. Bryant, a native of Connecticut; had two sons, John Henry, who died in infancy, and Edwin Arthur. 
   John, Caroline and John Henry were buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Joliet.
Edwin Arthur Holsworth was born Jan. 22, 1857, in Bloomington, Ill., and died Feb. 19, 1939, in Collegeport. 
   He married Helen Manners Pettigrew, who was born on Dec. 24, 1869, in Chicago, and died Nov. 22, 1928, in Collegeport, and was buried in Hawley Cemetery. 
   Before his marriage, E.A. Holsworth lived in Chicago where he played semi-pro baseball for the Chicago White Sox. 
   He was a patron of the Chicago Opera where he had a season ticket and occupied the same reserved seat for many years. 
   He was a 32nd degree Mason. 
   By trade he was a foundryman - a master draftsman and precision pattern maker. 
   After his marriage to Helen, the couple bought a farm in Joliet. 
   Ed was not a farmer, so he eventually opened the Holsworth Foundry. 


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