"Moreno selling books, inspiring young writers" by: Jessica Shepard

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Author and former Bay City ISD teacher, Elizabeth Moreno, left, gives her audience a little background information about her book, "Sancho the Silly Billy Goat." Moreno also showed off the plush version of Sancho she made herself. Her appearance July 21 was part of the Bay City Public Library's Children's and Teen's Summer Program.

   Former Bay City ISD teacher, Liz Moreno sold over 20 copies of her children’s book, “Sancho the Silly Billy Goat” during her signing events last week.
   “I had hoped to see more of my former students, but, the turnout was good,” said Moreno.
   Moreno read her book out loud during the Bay City Public Library’s Teen and Children’s summer programs last week.
   During the teen session, she had the audience join her in doing an on-the-fly short narrative poem.
   Children brainstormed random topics like turtles, koi fish and the zombie apocalypse.
   “I don’t know anything about the zombie apocalypse, but, I’ll give it a shot,” said Moreno.
   The resulting story had two koi fish falling in love and surviving the turtle zombie apocalypse.
   Other stories were about marshmallows and a dolphin with telekinetic powers.
   Moreno’s book, “Sancho the Silly Billy Goat” began in 2004 with the help of Lori Reyna’s family’s stories about their pet goat.
   Reyna was a fellow parishioner of Moreno’s church.
   “Sancho was a goat that couldn’t stay out of trouble,” said Elizabeth Moreno.
   “This narrative shows how the family tried to rehabilitate him but to no avail.”
   Moreno says that the book is primarily in English with about 20 Spanish words.
   “I included a glossary and pronunciation key to make it easier to understand,” she added.
   “I’ve found myself repeating some of the verses as I go to sleep. Most of the story is true, but I made up the part about Sancho jumping in a pond. 
   “Looking back, I don’t know how I included Spanish as easily as I did.”
   The illustrations for the book were done by Mykayla Sutton, the granddaughter of another church friend.
   This is Moreno’s first self-published book, but she has another awaiting illustrations and still more on the drawing board.
   “I do plan to write more books for children and eventually books for adults. 
   “My husband is pushing me to write a poetry book because I have accumulated a repertoire of poems over the years,” Moreno said.
   I have always enjoyed writing and hope to pass that on to the next generation, she said.

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