Local headlines detail chronology of POW camp here

   EDITOR’S NOTE: The following articles are from the Daily Tribune during late 1943 and 1944 when Bay City and Camp Hulen began accepting German POWs.

War Prisoners On Way To County; Camp Begun Here
   F. O. Montague was informed Monday night that the first contingent of German prisoners of war was brought into Matagorda [County] Tuesday with their escort of guards. It was expected that the group would number 150.
    Matagorda [County] is transforming the fair grounds into a prison camp where the men will be housed.
   Work has been begun in Bay City on the construction of a tent city where the prisoners who will work in the local rice fields will be cared for. 
   One of the first things to be done is the erection of the wire barriers around the enclosure, located northwest of the Bay City Veneer Mill - (where the Legacy Campus is today.)
   The project is being carried out by the volunteer labor of the farmers and their men under the direction of Mr. Montague, county agent. 
The Daily Tribune, September 28, 1943

   Prison Labor Camp To Be Ready Here By End Of Week
   Matagorda county rice farmers and F. O. Montague, county agent, are looking forward to the arrival of this county’s contingent of German war prisoners not later than Monday, October 11 and possibly at the end of this week, it was announced from Mr. Montague’s office Tuesday.
    This means that the desired priorities on copper wire came from the State War Board early Monday and work on wiring the encampment was begun at once. 
   Supplying the tent city with flood lights was one of the big problems, particularly until priorities were secured on the necessary wire.
    While waiting for the Matagorda county group of war prisoners, Mr. Montague has learned from Wharton, where these laborers arrived two weeks ago, that the farmers there are more than pleased with the quality of work in the rice harvest fields the men can do and are doing. They follow directions intelligently, the farmers report.
    Wharton county received 150 prisoners with 75 guards. They are housed in the county fair buildings on the fair grounds.
    A tent city for the Matagorda county prisoners is being erected northwest of the Bay City Veneer Mill. Construction is being done by rice farmers and the men from their plantations.  
The Daily Tribune, October 5, 1943

   Prisoners Are Here!

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