"Looking more important than finding" by: John Sample

   I don’t believe in fake news. 
   I am addicted to listening and reading all I can take in on a daily basis. I make it a practice to engage material that I feel certain that I may not agree with. 
   I am not saying these endeavors are taken with the belief that the information is inherently wrong. I believe that it is just another opinion. 
   It takes me back to college days when one of my favorite activities was to debate issues and taking the side that I disagreed with. 
   It was an opportunity to explore and more times than not, I found I more to learn. This is why I continue to this day to frequent various news outlets. 
   I know that some can be slanted but I feel it is important to know every side of an issue. I am sure you are wondering what that has to do with growing your personal wealth. The interesting thing about the stock market is that for every buyer there needs to be a seller. 
   The reasons for selling can be vast. 

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