Bay City May sales tax rebates increase by 16 percent

Bay City and Palacios saw healthy jumps in their May sales tax rebate check from Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar. 
   Bay City’s May sales tax rebate of $598,827 is 16 percent higher than $515,695, for the same month last year. 
   Year-to-date allocations total $2,452,076, up 6 percent from the same period last year of $2,308,177. 
   “I am sure increases are partly due to many contract workers staying in our city from Tenaris and other plants,” said City Finance Director Scotty Jones.  
   For Palacios, the May rebate was $58,121, up 8 percent from $53,572 for the same month in 2016.  
   Palacios’ year-to-date total is $260,231 - 1 percent higher than $256,184 for the same period last year.  
   These allocations are based on sales made in March by businesses that report tax monthly, and sales made in January, February and March by quarterly filers. 

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