"Is your portfolio healthy?" By John Dickerson & Hawes Dickerson Financial Advisors Edward Jones

   May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.
   Regular exercise can improve your health, but why not extend the concept of “fitness” to other areas of your life – such as your investment portfolio?
   For example, just as your body needs more oxygen when you exercise, your portfolio may need infusions of new investment dollars.
   And while you should take action – such as stretching – to keep from hurting yourself while you exercise, you also need to prevent “injury” to your portfolio.
   One way of doing this is to avoid placing all your investment dollars in just one or two types of assets.
   This over-concentration can leave you highly vulnerable to market downturns.
   While exercise is important, so are regular physical examinations.
   As an investor, you should also do a “checkup” on your portfolio at least annually to determine if it’s performing as it should. If not, you may need to make some changes.
   By exercising, you can keep your body healthy.
   And by making the right moves with your portfolio, you can help keep it in good shape, too.
   This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

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