"Holding onto something? Let it go and trust in Jesus" by: Betsy Monico

   I parted ways with my oldest child Thursday at the airport. She went one way through security headed to D.C. alone.  I went the other way headed back home alone. 
   My destination was Fairfield Elementary for day No. 4 of summer school. 
   Hers was George Washington University for a weekend with an organization she has grown to love called Turning Point USA. 
   She was following her passion…politics. I was following mine too…kids.
My first inclination when she asked about applying for this leadership summit was to say no and hold onto her, but I did not.  
   Her Dad was obviously involved in the process, and I did my research.
    I perhaps should have been worried, but proceeded in faith and with prayer. I let her go with the help of Jesus. 
   In Sunday school we talked about holding onto things vs. letting them go as well, not a coincidence. A friend shared that he had held onto anger for quite some time, but let it go this week. God kept on nudging him. 
   When he made peace, he instantly felt better. He did admit nearly turning around in the road and heading back home before the reconciliation, but did not. He let it go with the help of Jesus.

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