"How long will resurgence of 1990s nostalgia last?" by: Jessica Shepard

   My mom and I were discussing how things, like fads, cycled back over a period of years.
   Take, for example, the resurgence of 1990s nostalgia.
   It’s popping up in fashion, food, music and other aspects of our culture.
   And for those of us who grew up in that decade, it does pull at one’s heartstrings a little bit.
   I remember everything from Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls to the iconic dial-up internet sound and having to get offline so someone could use the phone.
   There’s also Pogs, Power Rangers and Pokemon.
   When I think about some of the fashions back then, I cringe.
   Especially when presented with glaringly bright neon clothes, choker necklaces and jelly sandals.
   But, I’m fine with it, overall.
   We’ll just wait and see if any of it comes back to Bay City.
   My money is on children being a source for revival of 1990s fashion.
   And not just teens and tweens.
   After all, most of my friends have children of their own and we do talk about what they’re subjecting them to wearing.
   I mean, my mom dressed my sister and me in matching, if not complementary, outfits, especially for picture or holiday moments.
   Sure, they’re cute NOW, but back then it was annoying.
   TV shows like “Roseanne,” “X-Files,” and “Will & Grace,” are among many available on cable or various streaming services.
   Cartoons return with new storylines and smoother animation.
   Take for example “Voltron,” “Hey Arnold,” “Rocko’s Modern Life,” or “Powerpuff Girls.”
   If none of those animated shows ring a bell for you, they might for your children.
   Beyond that, I wonder how long it will last.
   After all, the 90s are over 20 years ago and for some of us, it wasn’t the best time.
   Personally, I look forward to the revival of the grunge aesthetic.
   I’ve got my combat boots, ripped jeans and flannel shirts ready.
   Now, all I’m waiting on is good music hitting the airwaves again.
   Until then, I’ve got my trusty iPod. 

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