"If we could predict the future would we be happy? " by: John Sample

Another week and more gains for both the Dow and Standard & Poor’s 500 stock-index. 
   The setback Friday was so small that it was a blip of 0.1 percent. That broke a six-day up movement. 
   Things are so calm that the VIX or CBOE volatility index, another name for fear index, closed last week at the lowest level since 1998. 
   In times past, bull markets turned when the move up is more violent. We’re moving at a snail’s pace. 
   I’m not saying this market could not turn south, but there is so little to turn it around. 
   Maybe we are at a point where past trends are getting a new twist - like realizing how quickly it took to have a computer in your hand that also is a phone. 
   That device has almost wiped out watches and eliminated IPods, not to mention GPS devices. 
   Things change fast. It’s interesting how companies that once offered free service move to offering enhanced services at a price. 
   Match offered a free dating service called Tinder, but it’s getting young people to pay $30 a month, plus a $10 subscription fee. 
   Pandora offers free choices of music, but you can avoid the ads by paying $3. I’m too old for Tinder and just don’t care about the ads, so I am a lost cause.
   But younger people are willing to pay.

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