"‘Bad Moms Christmas’ latest mother-daughter adventure" by: Jessica Shepard

   Mom and I attended the special event showing of “Bad Moms Christmas” last week.
   We enjoyed inexpensive adult beverages and shared a pizza; all at Billy’s Grill at Schulman’s MBG.
   Let me tell you, that “Bad Moms” special drink was delicious and we might be looking for a way to re-create it at home.
   It isn’t really the first time we’ve had a mother/daughter event, but, it’s the first one in a long time here locally.
   Granted, a lot of them happen out of town for the sake of convenience.
   Like hanging out at the mall, but also taking time to head to Target to buy necessities for the family.
   Which doesn’t bother me because I like spending time with my mom.
   Sometimes, it feels like too much because we work together and live under the same roof.
   But, I find it much less stressful and much more enjoyable when we’re out of town.
   Or, at the very least, out of the house.
   I think there’s some scientific study about familiar environments and cohabitation making stress higher – or something like that.
   I’ve been out of college so long that I’m bombarded with less academic source material than I was used to.
   Still, hanging out with my mom is a great experience.
   Well, as long as it doesn’t involve a lot of outside work.
   She’s more than fine with yard work, organizing the shed or cleaning the pool as fun bonding experiences.
   Me, I prefer being inside where the air is filtered and colder.
   Don’t get me wrong, I’ll even clean as long as we’re doing it together.
   On one hand it’s because she throws away stuff that I might need and the other being that it’s fun to tease her about being too short to reach the top shelves or lift something heavy.
   Overall, as long as we’re spending time together and not “at work,” I’m enjoying it.
   In fact, my mom is my best friend.
   Really and truly, is there anyone better? 

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