"Taking the great leap on deciding tree decorations" by: Jessica Shepard

   So, for the first time in over a decade mom and I picked out a real tree for Christmas.
   Now, you’re probably wondering how this happened and if not, you should expect a quick summary.
   Last Sunday afternoon rolled around with me being a little impatient about getting the Christmas boxes out of the attic.
   Mom and I spent most of the morning discussing what theme we should settle on for our big room tree this year.
   I was frustrated and a little annoyed that she was second guessing her choice from before.
   Though we both agreed that we needed to re-string the artificial trees we had.
   And I knew that we had boxes of extra color lights in totes upstairs, but clear lights were a bit iffy.
   After calling my sister to help give mom a pep talk and inform her how important it was to take advantage of my rare mood, mom decided that we should go look for a real tree.
   Cue the quest for the PERFECT tree.
   Which, even minus the time it took to drive to Sugar Land, still took over a solid hour.
   And most of that was spent with me doing the heavy lifting and holding up the trees for inspection.
   I felt a little bit like Vanna White, only with more tree sap and less sequins.
   Still, we found the “perfect” tree at Lowe’s and got it bundled up before heading to Target.
   Anyone who’s been in Target without an actual shopping list knows how easily you can get distracted by the beautiful displays and awesome exclusives.
   Mom was still on the fence about what to decorate the tree as this year, but, we did end up with two strands of twinkling clear lights.
   I’d be fine with our usual “frozen” tree featuring shades of blue, white and silver.
   But, mom is wanting a change and if mom isn’t happy – no one’s happy.
   I voted for our jewel tone tree with old world figures, Mike wants some awful red/green traditional combination and mom is leaning towards a “Great Gatsby” sort of tree.
   Granted, that would be a cool idea; gold, silver, clear, white and a bit of black for definition.
   But, that also means we might end up having to buy more Christmas balls and other odds and ends to put on the tree.
   When we discussed it over dinner and on the ride back home, mom came to the conclusion that we’ll just have to get all of the Christmas boxes down and go through what we have and execute some sort of plan from there.
   Part of me is excited about organizing the remaining Christmas ball ornaments by color to make this fiasco never happen again.
   The rest of me is terrified of getting lost in a sea of bubble wrap, newspaper and ornaments.
   We’ll just see what this weekend brings and I guess I’ll keep everyone updated.

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