"There’s always other international factors at play" by: John Sample

Here is hoping that your Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family went well. From my limited survey of Christmas shopping, it appears that there will be all the gifts one could want under the Christmas tree. 
   I am one of those that chose the simpler route of gift cards but I admit that I hate shopping. 
   If it wasn’t for HEB, Academy and Home Depot, I doubt I would ever grace bricks and mortar. 
   I am fortunately an aberration and most are much more thoughtful and spend time and money on gifting for friends and family. 
   The reports for Black Friday and Cyber Monday were positive. Apparently the economy is moving forward. 
   As the year comes to an end we find the equities markets setting more record highs. 
   That pales in comparison to the value of Bitcoin which is the latest and greatest after precious metals and collectables. 

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