"Our family’s use of quotes from movies comes from love of films"Our family’s use of quotes from movies comes from love of films" by: Jessica Shepard

   Sometimes, I wonder if our family is the only weird bunch out there.
   And I know that everyone has their own weirdness or “freak” flag that they let fly.
   But it reassuring to learn that some families share the same quirks.
   Like our love of movies, for example.
   We use movie quotes on a day-to-day basis, even though we haven’t seen the film in months or weeks.
   At first, it started with my siblings and myself, but then mom and Mike joined in on the fun.
   To be fair, my siblings and I have been quoting movies for years.
   It all started to funny lines from Disney flicks and progressed to movies like “The Fifth Element,” “Red” and “Deadpool.”
   Now, we’ve almost established our own language solely comprised of movie quotes.
   Some have become overused though.
   Mainly, mom’s use of the phrase “Chop Chop” in attempts to hurry someone or something.
   She uses it on the dogs and us, if she feels that we’re running late or taking too long to do something.
   But, it is by far the MOST annoying quote she picked up from any movie.
   And the really strange part is that once she took it up as her mantra, we’ve seen it showing up more in movies.
   Of course, it’s just one of those oddball coincidences, but, still is a bit unnerving.
   I’ve also started using movie quotes to convey things to my friends or to comment on situations.
   If the quote leaves a lasting impression on us or makes us laugh nonstop, we’ll add it to our rotation.
   Though, it’s hard to remember which quote came from which film or TV show.
   And, heaven forbid someone be out of the loop or not get the movie reference if they haven’t seen it yet.
   Sadly, that’s a common place with my friends.
   Though it just leads me to educate them on the greatness or awfulness of certain films.
   Part of it is to help them get the quote or joke and the other is done with the hopes that they enjoy it as much as I do.
   So far, it has worked out well and I haven’t had to force many to sit through a terrible flick.
   Besides, they return the favor and I just endure it, too. 


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