Detectives investigate teens’ report of aggravated robbery

   Bay City police talked to two 16-year-old males who were injured in a reported robbery Friday night, Jan. 26.
   An officer was sent to Matagorda Regional Hospital Emergency Room in reference to a robbery.
   Hospital security told the officer, when he arrived, that two juveniles were being seen for injuries that occurred during a robbery. 
   The officer met with the first victim, a 16-year-old male, who said he had been communicating with someone online to sell some items. 
   The teenager agreed to meet him in a parking lot in the 2100 Block of 7th Street, the officer was told. 
   The victim and a friend, also a 16-year-old male, walked to the parking lot to meet with the potential buyer.
   The victims met with the suspects who were in a vehicle. 
   Once they took the items from the victims, the suspects tried to drive away. 
   One victim then tried to lean in the window and grab the items back. 
   When he did, a passenger assaulted the 16 year old, causing him to hit the car and fall on the cement. 
   The other victim also had been leaning in the window and he fell back. 
   During the get-away, the gray, four-door car struck the second victim, allegedly running over his legs, officers were told.
   Both juveniles contacted their parents and were taken to the emergency room via private vehicle. 
   Both victims were treated and released from the hospital, reports show. 
   Detectives do have possible suspects and are investigating the case, police said. 

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