"Riverside Park reclamation costs projected at $3 million" by: Mike Reddell

Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
Part of the Riverside Park playground shows the accumulation of Colorado River flooding sediment from Hurricane Harvey.

   It will cost an estimated $3 million to reclaim Riverside Park after Colorado River flooding from Hurricane Harvey deposited a deep mixture of soil, sand and clay.
   The river’s level reached 50 feet at the park and only a few higher elevations in the city-owned park were spared from the deluge that came after heavy, Harvey-related rainfall that fell on the Colorado and its tributaries after the hurricane’s landfall Aug. 25. 
   Engineers are redesigning the park’s septic system and Parks and Recreation Director Shawn Blackburn added that “We’re trying to find someone for a soil diagnostic.”
   And finding a design engineer was no easy thing in the post-Harvey world of destruction, Blackburn indicated.

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