"Struggling to deal with repeat offenders of desktop computer mistakes" by: Jessica Shepard

   As someone who is constantly called upon to fix minor technological problems, I find it hard to be patient with repeat offenders.
   And while that’s mostly aimed at my parents, I’ve come across a lot of people who don’t know how to solve basic computer problems.
   It even goes beyond a normal desktop computer to a handy cellphone.
   Now, granted, I only know the bare minimum about non-Apple based phones but that still seems to be more than my mom and dad’s generation.
   Though, I do know one fix for an Apple device – upgrade your operating software.
   In the past few years that has worked brilliantly to solve problems that Mike brings to me with his iPhone.
   Though, sometimes, my minor skills don’t do much by way of helping.
   So, I usually enlist my brother and his expertise with computers to help me.
   And like all annoying, but brilliant little brothers, the first question I ask goes ignored until he “feels” like answering or working on the problem at hand.
   Still, he’s the best we’ve got and can be bribed or paid with food and a bit of cash.
   You may be wondering how food fits into the equation, since most of his work is done on site or at home.
   Well, unfortunately, he’s in that “bachelor pad” mindset and doesn’t see anything inherently wrong with being paid in food or cash to go buy whatever he’s craving at the moment.
   Or, worse still, he doesn’t want to cook or clean up afterwards.
   Which I can understand in part since I hate cleaning the kitchen, too.
   But, still, I work as best I can and try to remember the needs of my requestors and not be impatient with then.
   That’s a bit of a struggle sometime when they get short or irritated with me for the fact that not everything is an “instant” sort of fix.
   I’ve always thought that if you’re going to drop several hundred dollars for an expensive brick phone, then at least make sure you buy insurance for it from your cellphone provider.
   And I’d recommend investing in a carrying case and screen protector as well.
   Sometimes I see folks with both or one or the other.
   I’m a both sort of consumer and want to get the most life and use out of my gadgets.
   Here’s to hoping that I can do the same with my parents and friends.   
   Maybe, it’ll be enough to remind them of how much money and time they can save – not to mention my own! 

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