"Choosing between 50 and rich, or young with knowledge" by: Jessica Shepard

   Scrolling through my Facebook feed early Tuesday morning, I noticed a handful of friends sharing and commenting on the same image.
   It was a screenshot taken from “The Matrix” featuring the moment when Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) offers Neo (Keanu Reeves) a choice between a red gel cap pill and a similar blue one.
   Except instead of the film’s dialogue at that moment, the text reads something along the lines of taking one pill and being 50 years old and being $10 million richer than you are now, or taking the other pill and going back to being age 10, but with all the knowledge you’ve acquired so far in your life.
   That’s one of those tough choices, because, I can see the appeal in both.
   For me, going back to age 10 wouldn’t be that far of a stretch, since it’s only 20 years ago.
   Though, likewise, jumping forward 20 years to age 50 is feasible, too. 
   So, it’s a rather thought-provoking hypothesis.
   Though I’d probably choose going back in time.
   It isn’t not so much from a sense of regret or anything like that.
   But, if I managed to go back that far in time and could make a few corrections, it wouldn’t be so bad.
   Of course that also begs the question of what could happen if I made those changes.
   I’ve seen enough time travel movies to know that it could possibly have dire consequences for my life in the future.
   Or it could do absolutely nothing!
   And I think that’s part of the appeal; because you’ll know what you’re changing either way.
   But you don’t know how it will affect the future, be it positively or negatively.
   The last thing I’d want to do is to spawn some new and even worse problems down the road by making any changes.
   I suppose that’s the overall point of the image - to be thought-provoking.
   I’ll just have to stay busy elsewhere during the day to keep my mind off the possibilities each choice has raised.
   After all, if I don’t, then I’ll have too much work leftover at the end of the day.
   And I know that spells trouble!

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