"Life isn’t a spectator sport, so join in, take part in what’s going on" by: Betsy Monico

   My youngest found a love last year…volleyball! She then found a team and plays some during the winter with several local girls. This group suits us perfectly because the four tournaments are scheduled in advance, nothing else is added, and we can stay in Dallas with grandparents.  
   Today was the last tournament of the year. Time now for county fair lambs and softball. 
   Here is the recap…Yesterday we faced the giants! They were the tallest and most talented volleyball players we had seen thus far. 
   Teams from the Dallas area obviously pick and choose who they want. Clubs create the strongest teams, who can compete on state and even national levels. Our small town girls struggled, but cheered each other on and celebrated each success without injury from the rockets being launched their way. 
   Today we met back up for two more games. The first one ended in a loss. Our girls worked the following game, keeping the books and judging the lines. These big city tournaments are organized well and run effectively, everyone pitches in to help. 
   An hour or so before the last game began, one of our moms grabbed a volleyball and headed over to a vacant court to hit the girls some balls. 
   I wonder if she really wanted to help the girls or just to get up and do something. I suspect both! The wait time between games is painful! 
   One of our grandmothers, not your average grandmother I must add, walked by and told me she was going to help. 
   Bored out my mind, I jumped up too and excitedly walked on over. What began as three old people versus three young people quickly turned into a heated game of six on six. It was a blast!  
   We laughed, played, and even worked up a sweat before the whole thing was over.  
   Our amateur and comical game could have probably gone on forever; however, duty called and the girls had to go and play their last match of the day. 
   They quickly took the lead, playing with energy and enthusiasm. Their smiles were contagious.
   I could not help but wonder if their confident attitudes were a result of the impromptu match against us. 
   What started this chain of events that ended in victory? Call me simplistic, but I think when one mom walked over to play with the girls, everything changed. 
   We followed and had the time of our lives! 
   The entire episode made me realize that too often now I sit back and watch my kids. 
   They are big and can do everything on their own. In many instances, it would not be appropriate for me to jump in and play along, but in some cases I can still get in!
   Maybe this is the week to stop watching at work, church, or even at school. 
   Maybe this is the week to join in and take part in what is going on. You are never too old or too young. You may be ill-equipped or unqualified, but can still have fun. 
   Life is not a spectator sport. 
   Maybe this is the week to start something positive too. One mom sure did with us. Be the leader. Step out, take the first step.
   Ask the Lord where to begin. Psalm 12:1 says, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from? 
   My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”
   Let the Lord help you and enjoy your week!   


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