Strategies for your investment ‘Garden’

   If you’re a gardener, your busy season is here, as April has been designated National Garden Month. 
    And some gardening skills could be transferred to other areas of your life – such as investing. 
   For example, gardeners look for thick stems, which indicate healthy plants. 
   As an investor, you, too, need to look for signs of health in your investments. 
   When considering stocks, look for companies with solid fundamentals, such as experienced management and strong earnings. 
   For bonds, choose those that receive the highest grades from rating agencies. 
   Gardeners also know not to give plants too little water, or too much. 
   When you invest, you should follow the same principle. 
   If you don’t put enough money into investments, they may not grow as much as you’d like to see.  
   Conversely, if you constantly put money into just one or two investments, they could crowd out others in your portfolio, causing you to lose the value of diversification. 
   Successful gardeners reap the rewards of their labors – and following some of their habits can help you work toward a fruitful investment garden, too. 
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