"All of us try to find our ‘spot’ and mine is with God" by: Betsy Monico

   Recently I have talked a lot about kids, predominately my own crew. Tonight it is time for me to get back to my canine children. 
   Lord only knows, there is enough to tell about my furry friends. Sibling rivalry has never been an issue here with our four children; however, canine rivalry has most recently become a major problem.  
   One of our dogs has turned out to be particularly fond of me. That is putting it nicely. 
   Honestly, Salty is possessive and jealous if any of the other dogs come near me when she is in the mood to be number one. 
   She is a “she” for sure, does seem to get into hormonal moods, and relies heavily on her own emotions. She reminds me a bit of my daughters with their “feelings.” That is a subject to conquer later.  
   Yesterday there was a lot of random gunfire out here in the country. The family that owns the land on the backside of ours shoots for a few hours most Sundays….not sure why. Maybe that is a subject to conquer later as well. 
   The noise sent our dogs into a tizzy. Belle, the oldest, headed off into the woods and laid down by herself. Salty, the emotional baby of the crew, headed into her pen to find some peace by hiding in her house alone. 
   Bubs, the baby, but not really baby of the bunch, but the smallest, was invited into the house as usual. He gets away with more these days just because of his size. 
   Even though gunfire is a normal thing, the dogs have never adapted to the noise. We have given up. We just accommodate them.
   I was not disturbed in the least bit by the racket. I kept on working. I was on a mission to at least finish the dishes and laundry. In my humble attempt to finish the clothes, I noticed Bubs joined me in my room. 
   Let me explain the Monico laundry system. Clean clothes go to my bed. Next, we create piles of clean clothes. We sort them into individual mounds on the floor in my bedroom. We then call for kids to come and claim their pile. The boys have it easy.
   As long as one comes, they are in the clear. They share a room, so they share laundry pick-up.
   Yesterday the girls piles both were claimed rather quickly, but the boys stayed on my floor for a while. We have concrete floors. They are relatively clean, no rugs or carpet to mess with.
   Bubs innocently found his way to the boy’s pile and curled up into a little, sweet ball right on top of it. It was a perfect fit. The concrete floors must not have provided the comfort he wanted; therefore, he took matters into his own hands, or paws, and found a cozy place to rest. 
   I immediately knew I should reprimand him and shame him into moving; however, I just could not bring myself to even acknowledging that he was on the clean pile of laundry. Why did I let it go?
   Bubs found his spot. We are all truthfully looking for our spot, our place to rest, our place of comfort.  
   I found mine years ago and enjoyed a season of blissful peace and joy. Sadly, I seem to be looking for “my spot” again 
   Psalm 91:4 says “He will cover you with his feathers; you will find refuge under his wings. His faithfulness will be a protective shield.” 
   No explanation needed there, friends. “My spot” is with the Lord. Your “spot” is too. Take refuge in Him this week. 
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