"My new obsession: Following Kratos in ‘Gods of War’" by: Jessica Shepard

   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a huge nerd.
   In fact, I come from a family of nerds.
   And each of us has our own niche piece of nerd fandom to call our own.
   For example, my brother has videogames and amazing IT skills, my sister is a science nerd with plants and cooking while mom is into plants and do-it-yourself projects and dad has an obsession with history, super hero movies and books.
   And those are just the first topics I can pick up offhand!
   Naming all of my fandoms would take too long, but there are some shared interests between my family members and me.
   Especially when two subjects intersect, like history and videogames.
   The perfect example for this is a toss-up between the “Assassin’s Creed” series or the “God of War” series of games.
   Both series feature historical or mythical persons of interest and seek to re-create historical environments.
   I’m still fairly new in the Assassin’s Creed arena, but, I’ve been a fan of God of War since its debut in 2005.
   God of War follows a Spartan warrior named Kratos as he goes on a rage-fueled quest to get revenge on the Greek gods on Mount Olympus.
   During his experiences and progressing game installments he learns he is the son of Zeus. How to find Pandora’s Box, overthrows the gods and changes his fate.
   The latest game came out April 20 and I could only resist the urge to buy it for two weeks.
   After all, it’s received outstanding reviews and I’ve been dying to see how the game plays out.
   This time the story moves beyond Greece to the frozen North and into Norse myth territory.
   I think it’s a bit of a weird direction, but, since Kratos overthrew Mount Olympus, I wonder how many more pantheons are available for him to fight.
   Plus, I’ve got a little knowledge about Norse mythology.
   And I’m not just talking about the Marvel movies centered on Thor.
   The premise of this game features Kratos and his son Atreus taking his wife’s ashes to the highest mountain peak in the area.
   Along the way they run into dwarves, revenants, giants, ogres and more while trying to solve puzzles along the way.
   So far I’m only about 10 percent through the game but it’s becoming my new addiction very quickly.
   The sheer cinematic quality of graphics just suck me right into the game and give me a bit of tunnel vision.
   Everything else just falls away and it has my complete attention.
   And when I say graphics, I mean Kratos’ shadow has actual shape and matches his form and when he breathes outside in the snow-covered landscape you can actually see it.
   How many videogame companies take the time to put in that much detail?
   There have been rumors circling online that actor Jason Momoa could be hired to play Kratos in a movie.
   I’m on board with that, actually, and it would definitely be a good fit.
   I guess I’ll just have to wait it out and try to finish the game when I have some free time.
   After all, if Kratos ends up fighting Thor, that’ll definitely be a fun battle.


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