"It’s too hot to enjoy the start of summer fun" by: Jessica Shepard

   Technically, the first day of summer is June 21 and is known as the Summer Solstice.
   However, judging by the painfully rising temperatures, its summer already.
   Don’t forget the way moisture weighs everything down and turns the great outdoors into a sauna.
   That, and the sudden appearance of mosquitos is another indicator of the worst season we endure.
   School is out for most students, unless they have to make up classes or are taking college courses.
   But, adults rarely get time off during the next few months.
   I look forward to each holiday that we get to celebrate.
   Especially if it means I can spend the day indoors in air-conditioning comfort and not get up and do much of anything.
   Granted, I’d like a destination vacation, too.
   But, I’m terrified of being on a plane and my little car wouldn’t make it much further than Sugar Land.
   My mom always tells me that I wasn’t afraid of being on a plane when I was a baby.
   I have to remind her that that time doesn’t count and if I had to take a trip like that at my age now I’d need a stiff drink or to be knocked out with Benadryl.
   Despite that, we’ve discussed making another family trek to South Dakota to enjoy their summer weather and go sightseeing.
   Last time we went that far North, my sister had just graduated high school and I’d just finished my associate’s degree at WCJC.
   The downside to that trip was making it all in one vehicle – my mom’s Jeep.
   Now, I managed to sleep a lot, but it was a bit cramped.
   We’d laid the seats down in the back and turned ourselves into sardines with someone occasionally facing the other direction and enduring feet in their face.
   The only other difficult part was getting in and out for stops.
   I can admit that I wasn’t the most graceful one to roll out when the back hatch was up, but, we made it work.
   The road trip took a total of two days – one of those was spent just getting out of Texas!
   But, I’d gladly make the trip again, maybe even help take turns driving. 
   It just depends on what vehicle we take.
   All I know is that I’d welcome the change of scenery for a bit.
   Plus a lack of mosquitos and lower temperatures?
   It’d be a win-win scenario. 

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