Selkirk Island’s roots deep in Matagorda County history

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The Selkirk Island real estate sign that J. Pabst put up.

By Mrs. E.T. Pabst
Historic Matagorda County, Volume I, pp. 398-399, 1986
Matagorda County TXGenWeb 

 Selkirk Island is a resort and permanent-home subdivision on the Colorado River between Bay City and Matagorda. 
   Businesses on the Island include Selkirk Island Corporation (the developers), Selkirk Realty, Selkirk Island Utilities Corporation, and the Property Owner’s Association. 
   Ownership of these businesses is vested in J. Pabst, who died March 19, 1984, and Mrs. J. Pabst (E. T. Pabst). 
   In the late 1960s, when 30 acres (which became Exotic Isle) were cut from the Island by the Corps of Engineers in straightening the Colorado River, Colonel Wyatt O. Selkirk and his nephew, J. Pabst, decided to subdivide Selkirk Island itself.  
   Colonel Selkirk passed away in early 1971; therefore, J. Pabst was responsible for developing, selling, and managing Selkirk Island until his death in 1984. 
   The first lots in the subdivision were ready for sale in 1970, and by 1977 approximately 500 lots in the five existing sections were sold. 
   From 1971 to 1984, 150 houses have been built, many of which are permanent homes. 
   These homes on the naturally wooded waterfront have their own fishing piers. 
   The Colorado River affords both fresh and saltwater fishing and is a haven for waterskiing and for boats of all sizes. 
   With the building of the jetties at the mouth of the Colorado River, these residents can take deep-draft vessels directly into the Gulf of Mexico. 
   The Selkirk name dates back to 1822 when William Selkirk, one of Stephen F. Austin’s “Old Three Hundred,” came to Matagorda County.

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