"County sets hearing on wind farm abatement" by: Mike Reddell

Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
Matagorda County Commissioners Court approved a proclamation recognizing the HIlliard High Alumni Association at the court’s regular meeting Monday. Hilliard High School operated for 21 years, from September 1948 to May 1969. It was inclusive of all grades, 1-12, for 13 years, September 1948 to May 1961.

  A public hearing for establishing a Reinvestment Zone for tax abatement was set for the proposed Peyton Creek Wind Farm in southern Matagorda County by commissioners court at its regular meeting Monday, July 1. 
   The hearing was set for 9:45 a.m. Monday, July 16. There were no comments on setting the hearing. 
   The $170 million wind farm first approached the court in August 2017, when it began tax abatement review process. 
   Peyton Creek Wind Farm is part of E.ON, one of the world’s largest owners and operators of onshore and offshore wind farms. 
   Since last year’s presentation, E.ON has made different studies, including wildlife, soil and water tables, and “they all came back favorable,” said Nathan Yates, Wind Development Manager for E.ON. 
   “The area was initially selected based on multiple investigations using data from notational bird and wildlife databases, strategically located outside of wetland, bay, and wildlife refuge areas,” Yates said. 
   Yates was at Monday’s court meeting, with Mike Ferdinand, executive director of Matagorda County Economic Development Corporation. 
   “We’re currently finalizing applications,” Yates said in an interview with the Bay City Sentinel.  
   With a projected 30-year life, Peyton Creek is seeking a 10-year, 75 percent abatement to provide a steady cash flow, E.ON’s Richard Saunders said at last year’s court meeting. 

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