"Group aims to address railroad troubles" by: Mike Reddell

   A small group is forming to find solutions to Bay City residents’ recurring issues with the two railroads that serve the city, after City Council discussions at its regular meeting Thursday, June 28. 
   There are two major railroad issues here – the quiet zone along Union Pacific lines and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe (BNSF) switching operations on 7th Street near downtown. 
   A quiet zone has a low priority among the railroad companies, Mayor Mark Bricker said of his discussions with the railroads, adding it also would be difficult to have BNSF stop the switching operations. 
   At a previous council meeting, Council Member Jason Childers described the ease El Campo had in enacting a quiet zone along the railroad there. 
   “We’re very different from El Campo,” the mayor said of that city’s lone railroad at last week’s meeting. 
   “The switching operations are excruciating,” Cornman said. 
   “I think we need to take this on,” he added. 
   “To me, 10 years down the road, what will Texas 35 look like? I think this will be a mess with the switching and crew changes all night long,” Cornman pointed out. 

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