"Half-century high school reunions: A brief sojourn in time travel" by: Mike Reddell

   The weekend of my 50th high school class was over as quickly as time has traveled since we graduated a half-century ago.
   Graduation night in Antler Stadium in Kerrville somehow is made more memorable by what my sister-in-law told me.
   She told me, more or less, that time from that point on would begin speeding up.
   My sister-in-law then, as today, is the sister I never had.
   And her words were something of a prophecy, or perhaps an advisory.
   They were the same as I’d heard from my parents, who were the same age as my contemporaries’ grandparents. 
   And, yes, they were right about time.
   So, as we gathered for the reunion at the  YO Hilton in Kerrville, faces from the past came swimming up, aided a lot by badges bearing our images from the 1968 annual.
   You’d see someone from that distant era and immediately dial back in time, forgetting for the moment that our visages often bore little resemblance to the badges.
   As you return to another time -  another world it seems - you tune out the oceans of time that separate you.
   It’s a brief but pleasant bit of time travel to remember those days, which really were simpler.
   When I was much younger, I realized my high school years of the mid-to-late 1960s were much closer to my brother’s high school era of the mid-1950s than the mid-1970s.
   When we had our 10th reunion, we were all about comparing jobs, young children and other measures of success.
   At the 50th, it’s learning that only a few of us still work and most of us are well into watching grandchildren’s high school and college graduations.
    And, best of all, we all still dream of better things to come.

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