Help protect vulnerable family from scam artists

   It’s unfortunate but true: Older people are vulnerable to financial scams. 
   How can you help protect your older relatives? 
   For one thing, encourage them to have all checks, such as Social Security, directly deposited into their checking or savings accounts. 
   And you might try to get your name on those accounts, too, if your older family members are willing. 
   You’ll be able to review statements for suspicious activity. 
   You might also get your loved ones on a “do not call” list, which can offer some protection against telephone scammers. 
   And be careful when hiring caretakers for your loved ones. Insist on references, and check them out. 
   Be suspicious of caretakers who show a great interest in your loved ones’ financial affairs. 
   Here’s another suggestion: Consider asking your older family members for power of attorney. 
   This can help you closely monitor their financial moves now – and if they ever become incapacitated, you can make financial decisions for them. 
   You have the power to help safeguard your loved ones’ financial security, so be alert and make the right moves. 
   This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisors John Dickerson & Hawes Dickerson. Member SIPC.

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