"God's sacrifice of his only son shows how powerful his love is for us" by: Betsy Monico

   Life for me is predictable. I know that may sound comical since there are six of us here. 
   My husband’s job is stable. I begin year four this August at the elementary in the library. I flit around and have a great deal of fun everywhere I go, but I do not take many risks. 
   My kids are involved in various activities, but two of them drive and move around independently. 
   Confession…I partner with a few moms on a daily basis. We take kids here and there without even asking for permission. 
   We go into each other’s homes without asking. We help ourselves to whatever food is on the counter. It is beautiful! 
   With this being said, today totally threw me for a loop. I mean a complete, 360 loop…like riding the Shock Wave at Six Flags over Texas.  Those two loops are nothing to mess with! 
   My sixteen year old son started working last summer. Last year was different though. I drove him to work every morning and picked him every night. 
   This year, he drives himself. My only job is to confirm he is awake. I also cook his breakfast. 
   When I hear his truck pull out of the driveway, I say a prayer for him and go back to bed. God created Him to work!
   A few days ago, he summoned me into his room and showed me a spot on his chest that was swollen and sore. I self-prescribed some antibiotics we had on hand and applied some cream. 
   Last night we reassessed the situation and knew we needed to see a doctor and get proper care. My motto is, “It’s fine.” 
   However, half way through the needle, the lancing, and the obvious pain he endured – it was not fine. I was anything but fine. 
   I was sweating profusely and about to hit the ground. Fainting is not uncommon to me, but this one was totally unexpected, unpredictable!  
   When he flinched, I flinched. When a tear slid down his cheek, one slid down mine too. 
   The pain completely overtook me, and I ended up sick. Right before I hit the ground, I knew to ask to a real Coke or an orange juice. 
   I needed sugar, real sugar. The doctor called for the nurse and she brought me a Coke and some peanuts. 
   My illness was not physical, but originated from emotions too. It was about love. 
   I love my son so much that seeing him in pain literally made me sick. I prayed. I told myself to take deep breaths, but nothing worked. He was in pain.  I was too.
   Thankfully, we made it home. The sugar in the Coke worked. He is good now, and I am too. However, my heart still hurts a bit. 
   Today reminded me of the love I feel for him and my other three kids. It is unexplainable. Mothers reading this know what I mean. 
   We feel the pain of our children. Words cannot do the mother and child relationship justice. 
   Possible the only other relationship that comes close even close was when God allowed his only son, Jesus, to live and then die on the cross for our sins.
   My thoughts and feelings today can in no way compare to the amazing, unfailing, unending sacrifice that the Lord made for us all. 
   Zephaniah 3:17 describes this love. It says “The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. 
   He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with his singing.”
   Love is powerful. God’s love is the most powerful. Let Him sing over you this week and be blessed!

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