"County seeks to reduce wind farm’s boundaries" by: Mike Reddell

Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
Bay City Tourism Director Heidi Martinez, left, and city public information officer Marissa Valentine spoke about the proposed wind farm at a county commissioners court hearing Monday, as others waited their turn.

   A request to approve a reinvestment zone and an abatement for Peyton Creek Wind Farm was tabled after a lengthy public hearing at the Matagorda County Commissioners Court regular meeting Monday, July 16.
   County Attorney Denise Fortenberry told the court the abatement decision hinged upon the court’s determination that the wind farm would create jobs and bring more revenue to the county in the designated area.
   Noting other property owners in the proposed reinvestment zone, Fortenberry pointed out that they and future companies locating in the designated area, if approved, could request the same abatement terms.
   “If you agree to a 50 percent abatement for five years, you can only do the same for another company for the same zone,” Fortenberry told the court.
   The courtroom was packed Monday morning and most of those attending were there for the 40-minute wind farm hearing.
   Most of those speaking at the hearing had concerns about the wind farm and its impact on migratory and raptor bird fly zones and the environment.
   Also present were representatives of E.ON, which owns the proposed $170 million wind farm, property owners who would be the reinvestment zone and Mike Ferdinand, executive director of Matagorda County Economic Development Corporation.

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