"Everyone has their own opinion, but the disproven ones seem to grow anyway" by: Jessica Shepard

   I’ve been guilty of using the phrase “guilty pleasure” to describe food, music, movies, clothing and all manner of fashion accessories and personal preferences.
   But, with turning 30 last year, I’m transitioning into a “lack of guilt” stage.
   I’m sort of set in my ways and don’t plan on changing too much more - at least for personal preferences.
      Science weighs more merit for me than the latest fad or craze, so, you won’t see me doing some weird dance beside my car as it rolls along on the street.
   I often wonder why people, myself included, have felt the need to excuse themselves for liking something that isn’t seen as overly popular or mainstream.
   If I went digging back to my studies in sociology and psychology, I’m sure I’ll find that it’s something related to belonging and not being an outcast.
   I mean, in the olden days, outcasts were often marked, vilified and painted in the worst possible light.
   Even in modern times, it’s transitioned to bullying and scapegoating.
   By and large, I’ve heard and noticed people believing, in varying degrees, that they are more “normal” than someone who isn’t forgiving about what they like or dislike.
   I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, everyone is weird in some form or fashion and as long as we have opinions, we’ll indulge in things that someone will find odd.
   The only issue I have with opinions is when someone takes them as a fact.
   If it isn’t scientifically reviewed, proven or otherwise properly researched from both points of view, I really can’t wrap my head around believing in it and will most likely just get a headache from trying.
   Things like being against vaccinations, global warming and climate change just make me annoyed.
   Those opinions have been largely disproven with scientific facts.
   Since those opinions exist and are growing in numbers is frightening and aggravating.
   Still, I’m not going to feel guilt anymore for actually liking a few Nickelback songs, hanging out with my parents or even indulging in terrible B-grade horror movies.
   Besides, it’s not like those are hurting anyone or breaking any laws.
   Personal preferences are just that, personal and more often than not, they aren’t intended to harm someone or something.
   I just really run into problems when my preferences go against a lot of societal norms.
   I’m a night owl who functions best when listening to music and left to my own devices.
   Sadly, the working world doesn’t function like that at large and unless I can find a writing gig in prime conditions for my creativity, it’s a struggle to make things work.
   Luckily, my parents are a bit more forgiving than most and understand that my work flourishes in my chosen comfortable conditions.
   It still annoys mom though and after 30 plus years, I thought she’d be used to it by now.
   I suppose we’ll keep working on it, but, in the meantime, I’m not feeling too terribly guilty for my late night schedule.
   I just hate the mornings most of all – sunrises and I do not get along.

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