"Our passion, as believers in Christ, must be Jesus" by: Betsy Monico

   This week I was reminded on a trip home from Dallas what happens when a God-given passion comes alive.  
   Let me back up. The oldest Monico, big sister, one who often takes the lead if she is given the slightest chance, joined the political realms of life several years ago. 
   The election got her attention. The debates enticed her. Her bedroom suddenly was transformed into American Flags and propaganda supporting her favorite candidate. 
   Her excitement was fun to watch. She attempted time and time again to carry on conversations with us about what was going on in D.C. and around the world, but nobody here had a clue! 
   Her knowledge surpassed us quickly. 
   My husband and I vote. We are proud Americans and equally proud Texans; however, our constitutional aspirations cease there. 
   What transpired within our daughter was not because she was following in our footsteps. 
   It was like God created her to dive into what was going on with her local, state, and national government. 
   When she talks politics, she comes alive. It is all passion. I know that one day God will provide her with a job that taps into the gifts and passions He gave her. 
   I fell absolutely love with writing when I was in third grade. It is still my passion. 
   I currently am sitting in a room full of family members. By this, I mean extended family, plus the six of us who reside here. 
   One kid is playing a ukulele, my husband is loudly cooking stir-fry in his wok, several of my loved ones are sharing keto recipes, and one of the dogs is barking. 
   In the midst of the chaos, I am writing and as happy as can be. God made me for this! 
   My other passion is kids! When I read out loud in the library, I come alive! Thankfully, my pastor asked for me teach the children’s sermon today. 
   I enjoyed every second of being up there with my little buddies. Tomorrow I will begin teaching summer school. 
   Although that means I will be forced to wake up much earlier than usual and skip my nap, I am thrilled about getting back into the groove of school. 
   Sporting events around town also “fill my cup.” Seeing my kid’s peers, FCA students, and kids I previously taught gives me with energy and puts me on a natural high. It is not just me! 
   Back to my oldest. She flew into Love Field late Thursday night. 
   I picked her up, already feeling a bit tired and weary from the drive and my delicious Mexican food dinner with girlfriends. 
   When she got in the car and started telling me stories about her week, I woke back up. Her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. It was contagious.
   I considered visiting Starbucks on the way home, but no longer needed to make a coffee stop. 
   We can’t just stop here though with our zeal. Our passion cannot just be related to politics, jobs, sports teams, or hobbies that get us going! 
   Our passion, as Believers in Christ, must be Jesus. 
   No matter where we work, play, study, and live, we must show love to everyone we meet and then point, giving all of the credit to Jesus. 
   Adding this task to your to-do list may seem overwhelming. 
   The focus of my kid’s message today was 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. 
   It is a good, simple way for us all to start. 
   It says “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  
   Get out this week. Be kind. Show love, give thanks, and pray continually! 
   Be ready to tell someone about Jesus Christ. Let Him be your passion!

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