"Book Lover’s Day: There couldn’t be a better holiday than this" by: Jessica Shepard

   When I run out of column ideas, I start to Google things – random phrases, a song lyric or something I’m curious about. 
   One such search leads me to learn that Aug. 9 is called “Book Lover’s Day.”
   Let me tell you, there’s never been an off-beat holiday for me to observe as much as this one.
   I mean, this one even beats out National Cheesecake Day or National Honey Month.
   I am an avid reader and an obvious book lover.
   And while my personal preference is an actual physical book, I understand the appeal of a digital book and happen to indulge in a few. 
   That being said, I’m always grateful for my mom signing me up for my first library card at age three.
   While I don’t remember much of the public library when I was younger, I did find refuge at my school’s libraries and made sure to make friends with my librarians.
   On one hand, it helped me squeak by when I was late turning in books and gave me an excuse to skip class for a bit.
   My love for books escalated from third grade through high school.Of course, back then, there were more incentives for earning Accelerated Reader points.
   Each level of points could earn anything from a pizza or ice cream party to being principal or librarian for a day.
   Not to mention, you also got reward certificates and recognition.
   By fifth grade, I was addicted to reading and spent more time in class in a book than doing my required work.
   I even snuck a chapter book out for recess after lunch to read and got so engrossed in my book that I hadn’t noticed the other students had gone in for class!
   Needless to say, I love all sorts of books – mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, even non-fiction.
   Since turning 30, I’ve had a recent surge in nostalgia on everything from movies to music and lastly books. And luckily, since it’s been 20 years or less since a lot of those books came out, I’ve got no problem finding them for cheap!
   While I prefer a physical book, my all-time favorites are hardcovers.
   Mostly because they last longer and partially because of the way they age.
   Hardback books are usually bound with better paper than paperbacks and can survive for longer. Plus, they usually have awesome cover art, protective dust jackets and look nicer sitting on my bookshelf.
   Regardless, I’m going to celebrate Book Lover’s Day by reading a book with the goal of finishing it by the end of the day.
   It just depends on the free time I have available. Maybe I can sneak off from work and take refuge at the library, just like in my childhood.   

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