"Do your part in nourishing your most important relationship" by: Betssy Monico

   Last week my son asked his little sister to play basketball. She gave him some lame excuse. 
   I heard the whole thing from the other room, dealing with a mountain of laundry. 
   I immediately knew what to do…leave the laundry, put on my Brooks running shoes and head on outside to play ball with him. 
   Jesus nudged me in that direction. 
   So often I ignore these simple promptings from the Lord. On this particular night though, I got it right! 
   I am going back to a blog from 2012 for this week. The 12 year old mentioned here is now 18 and about to leave for college. 
   Reading over this blog from six years ago, 
   I know why I beg and plead with the Lord daily to help me get it right, not miss it, and to make the most of every single day with my family. 
   Time is fleeting people. So much of what we do does not matter! 
   So much of what we worry about does not matter. Relationships matter. Love matters. 
   I pray you enjoy this “blast from the past” this week and are encouraged. 
   I had a surprise request from my 12 year old daughter last night. 
   Especially because she is taller than me, stronger than me and perhaps more sure of herself than me as well! 
   She was in bed and asked me if I would tuck in her feet like used to do. 
   My hands were full. I was carrying a hot tea, a water, and a book. 
   I asked her if her sister could do it because I was toting a full load. 
   She quickly replied with a NO and informed me that I was the best “tucker-iner” or something like that. 
   How could I resist? I made a deposit in my room of all that I was carrying and made my way back to her. 
   No way could I have turned her down or even made her wait! 
   Her request was granted and granted with joy. 
If you are a parent, then you have a real and concrete way to understand your relationship with Jesus Christ. He parents and feels like we do with our own earthly children. 
   When we get it right, He rejoices! I know I do the same with my crew. Jesus loves us and wants what is best for us; therefore, 
   He will also discipline when necessary to get our attention and get us back on the right track! Good parenting, huh? 
   Jesus loves to bless us as well. He can “tuck” us in, make us feel safe when we fear, pick us up when we fall, clean us up when we are a total mess, and help us stand up straight again when we are bent over and beat up from this challenging world. 
   Matthew 7:11 touches on this truth. 
   It says “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give a good gift to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who love him?” 
   Do your part today. 
   Nurture your most important relationship. 
   Salvation is great, but we cannot stop there. 
   Just like we crave to know our children more, I sure do now that mine are totally independent and much older, your Father desires to know you more! 
   Again, do your part.

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