"Use August to kick back, forget the repetition" by: John Sample

   After a long drive back from New Mexico, autonomous driving doesn’t seem all that bad. Things thought impossible yesterday are here.  
   Your cell phone has eliminated more things than I can mention. I am amazed people ask me the time because I wear a watch out of habit. My cell phone is on me 24/7 providing all the information I could possibly want. 
   While I do not have unlimited data which limits me to basic functions, I can see more TV content coming from my phone.  
   A new venture is starting in L.A. to produce short content for an entertainment app. If our attention span gets any shorter, there will be no point. 
   We are again moving closer to the record-level highs the S&P 500 stock-index and the NASDAQ hit in late January. We made this trip before and fell back.  
   We also bounced off that 10 percent pullback a couple of times.  We can’t seem to get past either side. Volatility dropped to the levels in late 2017 and the volume of trading also dropped.  
   I would say that is due to late summer vacations in full swing before school starts. I will say the public is spending money like they actually have some. My trip through West Texas showed that energy prices are fueling more than just cars. Every store was full of shoppers.
   I am aware of the storm on the horizon as it concerns the trade wars, but the current economy in Texas is red hot. The latest earnings reports were positive.  
   The only stocks that fell were punished because they would not forecast further significant gains.  There were plenty of other earnings forecast that were positive and were rewarded. Alphabet and Amazon are unstoppable. Just the kind of language that almost guarantees a correction.  
   Unless you are a short-term trader or believes there is no stopping this economy, you might want to find a book, hammock and kick back.
   That is what August used to be about and I see no reason to change. But I don’t find much of the change that rewarding anyway.

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