"Be a friend by encouraging them over obstacles" by: Betsy Monico

   Friday morning I made my usual rounds to Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the Junior High school and then headed to the Pep Rally at the high school. 
   They both wake me up and get me so excited that I feel like I could conquer the world by 8:30 in the morning. Energy is contagious. Smiles are too. 
   We smile for 30 seconds at school all of the time. It always ends in uncontrollable laughter. 
   Friday was hot and humid, so humid that my glasses completely fogged up every time I stepped out of my car. 
   The forecast included rain and thunderstorms too. The thickness of the air convinced me that rain was inevitable, and that I should cancel my plans to set up for a garage sale. 
   Why on earth would I subject myself so much work when rain was coming? I might not sell a thing at all. 
   My friend quickly convinced me otherwise. I told her I was not in the mood to work so hard, set everything up, and then deal with rain. 
   Truth be told, I felt lazy and wanted an out; however, she was not having it. She insisted I get home, pack up, and get to her house as soon as possible to unload for the next day’s sale. 
   I relented and got to work. Our garage sale was a huge success. We both made money, visited with everyone who came into our path, and managed to have it all packed away by mid-afternoon. 
   The real reward came when I got back home and no longer had piles of clutter in my house. 
   Ever since we moved my oldest to college and played musical rooms, like musical chairs, here – my house has been a disaster! 
   I refused to clean or tidy much up until after the garage sale took place…another excuse! 
   This decision to avoid cleaning also probably had something to do with the fact I was overwhelmed with the first of the school year and missing my baby girl, who know happily lives in Abilene. 
   Yesterday, I slept late recovering from the late Friday night football game and early Saturday morning garage sale. 
   After I enjoyed my coffee, I decided to conquer my floors and get this place back in check.
   One thing lead to another, and I even moved around a few things and managed to get creative. It dawned on me midday that I owed this all to my friend who would not let me give up. 
   Without her, I would still be looking at dog hair, dirt, and piles of garage sale clutter this week. She knew what I needed to do and encouraged me. She would not take no for an answer. 
   Proverbs 17:17 was the verse Friday at F.C.A. Our leader had us memorize it. It says “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” 
   Friends are the center of everything for adolescents. I preach peer pressure often to my crew here. 
   It seems like it is always negative; however, peer pressure for me Friday was just what I needed.  
   The pressure from my friend, my peer, was motivated in love and got me over a huge obstacle. The obstacle being my mess! 
   Be a friend this week. Encourage someone. Do not let them say no! Be ready too to help a brother or sister who face adversity too. We are all in this together. 


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