"Family bonding through games about the 80s decade by: Jessica Shepard

   My brother came down for a visit this past weekend and brought his new girlfriend with him.
   After the initial awkward introductions and minor interactions Friday night and some of Saturday, we settled into a nice round of conversation and had a good time.
   Sadly, for my brother, this includes drinking because he’s at that age.
   But, in the end, it turned out to be quite hilarious.
   Not to mention, I was mixing the drinks and was able to monitor the alcohol content.
   We played several different kinds of games and had the loser or losers in said games take shots as a penalty.
   It was easy enough to determine losers in card games like “Go Fish,” or a round of dominoes.
   They only ran into trouble when we got to board games and had to make up drinking rules on the fly.
   We also played several board games including checkers, “Battleship,” and “Name That Tune: 80’s Edition.”
   The latter was sort of unfair to play, considering that I was the oldest one playing and have a minor obsession with 80s music.
   Arguably, I think it’s the greatest decade of music and even leaks into the 90s a little bit.
   The best part of that game was when we actually got to view music video clips and had to guess the artist/band, song or were asked a specific question regarding little details in the music video itself.
   The only depressing part was when we named songs based on their choruses instead of the real track name.
   It got to the point where I gave them extra clues on songs I obviously knew about.
   We also tried to see who could name the song the fastest.
   I got one within the first three seconds of the video clip, which is faster than either of them.
   My brother got a handful of songs he knew by more modern covers of said songs.
   Which, isn’t really cheating, but, it’s good to know the source material. Plus, it just makes things a bit more enjoyable with all of those 80s synth machines and cringe-worthy music videos.
   Talking about 80s fashion requires its own dedicated column!
   Though I’ll admit I’m glad some of it is becoming mainstream again. Acid-washed denim here I come!
   Still, I think if our parents had been playing, I might have been eclipsed in my knowledge.
   But, we might make the game a part of our next family get-together.
   If anything, then we could play children versus adults instead of an all-out personal competition.
   Until then, I’m making it a point to do my due diligence and listen to more 80s music.
   Thankfully, free online radio services like Pandora, Spotify, and 8tracks help out quite a bit.
   The only pain is dealing with commercials.
   I’ve never been a fan of those even on the regular radio or TV channels!
   Still, at least I get to access more songs online than waiting for a regular radio station to cycle through commercials or trying to keep track of physical media like CDs or LPs.

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