Part 2: Waldman family among Matagorda County’s earliest

Charles F. Waldman’s marker at the Spring Hill Cemetery, Maury County, Tennessee.
Courtesy of Nathaniel Cheairs
Camp, SCV, Spring Hill, Tennessee

Compiled by Carol Sue Gibbs
Matagorda County TXGenWeb

From Sept. 24 History Page
Matagorda Cemetery at the times of their deaths, but no record exists to verify the assumption.
   Sadly, Catherine was soon to have their third baby and Nannie Frances Selkirk Waldman was born May 20, 1852.
   At the birth of her third child, it was then Catherine who was left with four step-children, 12, 9, 7 and 4 as well as her three, 2, 17 months and newborn. Guardians were appointed for all of the children.
   Catherine married again on May 18, 1854 to her rancher neighbor, Henry B. Mitchell. He was born November 22, 1815 in New York. 
   He applied for one third league of land on March 1, 1838 and declared he came to the Republic of Texas in 1835, but did not serve in the Army. 
   The 1850 census lists him as a single man and a steam boatman. Before their marriage, they signed and recorded an instrument they had drawn up showing their separate property. 
   The Mitchells went to court on June 5, 1854 to gain guardianship of her three daughters.
   The Henry B. Mitchell family lived in the former home of Judge Matthew Talbot. 
   It was still standing in Matagorda in 1988 and was known as the Phillips home.
   Henry and Catherine welcomed their first child, Elizabeth Angeline, on February 9, 1855. 
   In 1859, Josephine Waldman, daughter of Francis and Louisa, became ill and died on July 7th at the age of sixteen.

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