Letter to the editor: "After the 2018 Rice Festival"

After the 2018 Rice Festival

   As this year’s Rice Festival Chairman, I want to extend a warm thank you to all of you who attended each event. 
   Your attendance and participation added to Lions Clubs ability to continue serving our community. 
   We use the receipts from the festival to provide eye screenings to school children, eye glasses to children in need, funds to replace the playground fall protection material at the boys and girls club, scholarships, and assistance to many of our youth programs. 
   This is a short list that could sound like we are bragging, but our moto is “We Serve,” and we strive to do that.
   We had a good festival with the return of our 66-year-old train, a new display about the Colorado River, and a new carnival that brought some rides that we have not seen in many years.
   The weather was good, if warm, but the entire time we had a safe time. 
   We had many comments about the cleanliness of the carnival which has been passed on to the carnival management.
   We have heard your complaint about the armband price and because that is set by the carnival owner, we cannot do anything about it. 
   The situation that came up on Saturday of having to have a new armband after 5pm was also a carnival decision which we knew nothing about until it happened. 
   In the future, the Lions Club will work with the carnival management, making sure that the armband price is appropriate, clearly stated and firm. 
   For those who were inconvenienced by this, please accept our deepest apology.
   We have already started to work on the 2019 edition of the festival and intend to make it fun and exciting. 
   We have had various exhibits in the past such as the birds of prey and the kid’s fish tank that were only present for short periods. 
   The Christian Concert was a first for us and had a small attendance after being advertised in many media. 
   Since we are in the planning stage, we seek feedback from you for some suggestions that you would like to see at the festival. 
   We have already posted this on our Facebook page, please leave helpful suggestions there.
   Stan Eldridge 
   2018 Rice Festival Chairman

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