"Tidehaven trustees discuss BCISD pullout from MCES" by: Jessica Shepard

Tidehaven ISD trustees discussed an update on the Matagorda County Education Services (MCES) Co-op during their regular meeting Monday, Oct. 8.
   The discussion is in response to Bay City ISD’s decision to begin the process of withdrawing from the Co-Op during their September school board meeting. 
   The original purpose of MCES was to collectively pool resources together from countywide member districts to provide necessary support and related services to students with disabilities.
   The Co-op’s board of directors is comprised of all five superintendents from each school district in the county; Matagorda, Palacios, Van Vleck, Bay City and Tidehaven.
   “We paid $40,000 to be part of the co-op, didn’t we?” asked trustee Marty Crain.
   “Yes, we did and that’s still part of our current bill now,” answered TISD Superintendent Dr. Seigrist.
   “But, what Bay City is doing is that they’ve looked at their portion of the Co-op and are thinking they can save more money by going their own way. 
   “They’re going to slow roll this, so it’s not this year, nor next year, but the third year from now.”
   Seigrist added that TISD has three years to make the adjustment before BCISD officially pulls out of the Co-op.
   “Isn’t Van Vleck talking about staying?” asked trustee Vic Collins.
   “The rest of us are talking about staying,” said Seigrist.
   “What we will do is re-organize the remaining schools in the Co-op. That’s all the schools in the county except Bay City.”
   “I really appreciate that they aren’t going to step out of the co-op for another two years until 2020-21. That gives us the opportunity to put some thought into it and our re-organization,” he said.
   Seigrist mentioned that the longer transition would help the MCES staff as well.

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