"Too many choices to make for this year’s Halloween costume" by: Jessica Shepard

   As Halloween approaches, I’m stuck trying to decide what sort of costume to don this year.
   I’ve got several ideas for something new, but I’m always drawn back to my favorite costume: being a zombie.
   Mostly because I’ve gotten the makeup routine down pat after a few years of trial and error and partially because I love scaring people.
   The only downside is that the makeup is a mess and gets on everything due to humidity and heat year after year.
   My other options this year include a more modern take on Ursula the sea witch from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” and a female version of “Beetlejuice.”
   Oddly enough, those will be easy to handle, too.
   I’ve got the costume pieces at home and can make do with the makeup I have on hand, too.
   The only drawback is my hairstyle and the possible heat and humidity that day.
   I refuse to wear a wig, so, that leaves me up to bleaching my hair and getting it as close to platinum as possible.
   I’m not fond of being blonde, but, at least that leaves me open to bringing back purple hair a whole lot easier.
   Which is my overall goal, as anyone who knows me can attest.
   Still, it requires me to decide on a final costume.
   And I know that some folks don’t get why I have so much fun dressing up as an adult, but, I think it would do everyone some good to actually have some fun.
   I mean, I have noticed an uptick in adult costume contests at bars since last year, so, that’s fun.
   But, if we had, like, an actual adult Halloween party type of event, I think it’d be awesome.
   Several cities across the US have them and they’re hits!
   There’s the obvious ones like New York City and Los Angeles, but Chicago is also on board and New Orleans celebrates with a whole music and arts festival.
   Until we get a little more in the holiday spirit, I’ll just settle for my own celebrations with friends and dressing up for fun.
   I just hope it doesn’t rain this year like it did last year.
   There’s only so much “weatherproofing” I can do with fake zombie wounds or trying to keep my hair spiked up as Ursula.
   I guess I’ll keep a close eye on the weather this year and make my costume decision a few days before. 

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