Freighter sank by u-boat now historical landmark

The ill-fated Oaxaca. A German-owned ship that Mexico took possession of when World War II started.

   A Matagorda County state historical landmark recognizes and protects a ship sunk by a German U-boat off Matagorda Peninsula in the early months of World War II.
   The landmark is in the Gulf of Mexico, 7.7 miles off Matagorda Peninsula, where the 4,351-ton Mexican general cargo merchant ship, SS Oaxaca was sunk by a single torpedo from the German submarine U-171 in the early-morning hours of July 26, 1942. 
   The Texas Historical Commission (THC) approved Oaxaca's landmark designation in February 2010. 
   A hearing in Austin affirmed THC's decision to accept the landmark's nomination was attended by Craig Hlavinka, representing Matagorda County Historical Commission (MCHC).
   Unlike Matagorda County's numerous other state historical landmarks, the Oaxaca doesn’t have the customary Texas Historical Commission metal marker or any other marker for that matter, Hlavinka said at the time. 
   The landmark designation was sought under the Texas Antiquities Code to protect the sunken ship that lies in two pieces under 65 feet of water, added Hlavinka, chairman of the MCHC archeology and marine committee. 
   "It protects the site" that is within Matagorda County boundaries, he said. 
   "It's really a big coral reef. People can dive to it, but not alter anything." 

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