Wadsworth sought to have county seat moved there in 1914

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A 1914 election advertisement for moving the Matagorda County seat to Wadsworth.

A County Divided
   In 1914, the leaders of the young town of Wadsworth ambitiously decided that they would propose the division of Matagorda county into two and establish their town as the county seat of the eastern portion. They enlisted the support of the citizens of Blessing suggesting that Blessing could become the county seat for the western county.
   The coalition began visiting with leaders in other towns such as Palacios, pitching their proposal hinting that it might be possible that Palacios could become the western county seat.
   We the news reached the citizens of Bay City, they hatched a counter-attack knowing if an election was called, there was a five year wait before another one could take place. Bay City’s counter proposal was that they wanted to move the county seat to Chalmers.
     Chalmers, formerly called Hook’s Switch, then Harrows, was situated about six miles north of Bay City as a shipping point on the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad (GC&SF) in the early 1900’s. 
   By 1910 Chalmers had a store, a rice storehouse, and a population of fifty.  By 1912 a post office was established and by 1913 there was a new schoolhouse which also served as a church with 50 members in Sunday School.
   The story is told through the following newspaper articles.

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