"A bit of disagreement over Christmas tree styles" by: Jessica Shepard

   Currently at home, we’re working on finalizing a theme for our Christmas tree this year.
   By that I mean mom and I are arguing over colors and ideas while she can’t make the end decision.
   A few weeks ago she and my sister settled on some sort of metallic theme featuring rose gold and maroon.
   I wasn’t a fan of the color scheme or idea at all and loudly voiced my opinions.
   After all, for the past three or four years we’ve done this icy and frozen tree with shades of blue, silver and white.
   I’ve loved every moment of it up until mom decides to put her silly beads on the edges of the limbs.
   And I know it’s a traditional sort of thing, but I’ve never liked it and have always thought it looked stupid and ridiculous.
   I’m always thinking, why ruin a good ornament display with “extra” beading like you’re over-frosting some poor cake.
   Naturally, since its mom’s house and her tree, she gets what she wants.
   But, I still think it’s ugly in the end.
   Plus, with our cats, it’s just a temptation to play with!
   Last year we organized all of our childhood ornaments by owner and even arranged the others in color groups and themes.
   But, it’s still a struggle to decide which theme to resurrect this year.
   Luckily, mom and I have mostly settled on something classic but pretty – a jewel tone tree.
   Which, we can use the maroon glass balls she just bought and a lot of our own.
   It’ll definitely be easier and cheaper than buying a mess of ornaments we might only use once, too!
   I think the rose gold idea is just my sister’s favorite sort of thing anyway.
   I find those ornaments too close to pink and am definitely not a fan of using that color as a base for anything.
   Besides, we’ve got our sweet treat tree in the kitchen fully decked out in faux candy, gingerbread people and bright colorful ornaments.
   If anything, we could add those rose gold balls there – if we can find room.
   Well, that, and if we even get that tree down this year.
   We’re at a little bit of an impasse on that, too.
   Hopefully, by the time my brother and sister come home we’ll have figured all of that out.
   If mom changes her mind again though, I might just go on strike for Christmas.

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