Matagorda’s count, countess; A tragic tale

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Images of Countess Ludvika and her husband, Count Sebastian Carroll Braganza de la Coralla.

   Mother and father have three daughters and a son. Daughter 16 years old wants to get married. Mother married at 16 years. Wants to get a good wealthy husband of high education, who understands the truth, who would love daughter and keep her as his wife for life. She is 5 feet 5 inches. Who wants to see family may in afternoon at 5 o’clock at Grace street and Sheridan road, by the lake or beach. Mother and daughter wear white waist and black ribbon on neck. North Side, Chicago.
Telephone Graceland 5010
   Thus began a story that would stretch from Chicago to Matagorda in June, 1915 and end in murder in March, 1916.
   Peter Ginetis, a native of Russia, lived with his family in Chicago. He and his wife, Victoria, had five children: Ludvika (b Nov 1899 in Russia), John Peter (Sep 4, 1904 – Dec 12, 1993), Petros, Victoria Astrea (Oct 22, 1912 – Mar 1, 1996) and Cometa Rose (1915 – 2012). 
   Their son, Petros (April 1, 1908 – May 11, 1910), died in Chicago before the family moved to Matagorda.
   Peter Ginetis had married his wife when she was 16, and when his daughter turned 15, he decided she should start her search for a husband. 
   He ran an ad in the Chicago Herald newspaper on June 3rd, and she and her mother promenaded up and down along Lake Michigan to allow interested suitors to view the prospective bride.
   A reporter visited her to see how the search was going and Ludvika thought him to be a prospective suitor. 
   She told him, “When one does not want them they abound. Let one walk sedately through the street, and they tip the hat and cough and make the eye to wink. 
   But let one decide to have done with girlhood, let one frankly advertise in the newspapers for a husband, and of a sudden it is a manless world.”
   Of course, she had some characteristics she hoped she would find in her husband:
   Must be young.
   Must have a comfortable income, though he need not be wealthy.
  Must be good - morally, mentally and physically.
   Must bring references with him on paying his first call.
   A suitable engagement period must precede the wedding.

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