"McDonald narrowly wins county judge re-election" by: Jessica Shepard

   County Judge Nate McDonald narrowly won re-election Tuesday as nearly half of Matagorda County’s 21,654 registered voters turned out to vote.
   A total of 10,636 or 49.1 percent of voters cast ballots in early, absentee and election-day polls.
   The JP 1 referendum on the legal sale of all alcohol beverages, including mixed drinks - Proposition A - passed with 2,065 votes or 74.6 percent of the total votes cast.
   Leading off with this election year’s countywide contested races are:

  •     County Judge - incumbent McDonald (D) won with 5,277 votes, or 50.2 percent of the vote, over Charles Wright (R), with 5,219 votes, or 49.7 percent of ballots cast.
  •     County Clerk - Stephanie Cantu Wurtz (R) 5,443, or 52.1 percent, of the vote over incumbent Janet Hickl (D), who got 4,993 votes at 47.8 percent.
  •     Precinct 3 JP – Amy Tapia (R) 1,411 votes or 69.2 percent over Paola Ortiz (D) with 627 or 30.7 percent of votes.
  •     Matagorda County Navigation District No. 1 Commissioner Position 2 Greg Seaman takes 864 votes or 72.1 percent over D.C. Dunham’s 333, or 27.8 percent of ballots cast.
  •     Precinct 6 JP Jim Powell (R) drew 528 votes or 71.4 percent over Sandy Smith (D) who had 233 votes, or 28.5 percent.

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