"Van Vleck trustees hear update on bond project " by: Jessica Shepard

Van Vleck ISD trustees canvassed the Nov. 6 election results for four board positions during their regular meeting Monday night.
   Trustees Tony Kucera, Kurtis Brown, Terry Evans and Donnie O’Connell all were re-elected to the board.
   Board members Evans, O’Connell and Kucera were sworn in, but Brown had an excused absence.
   The board also elected officers for President, vice president and secretary.
   Kucera was chosen as board president again with Brown and Evans filling the other two spots, respectively.
   Sophia Dusek, PBK architect project executive, gave an update on the bond project to the board.
   “We’ve issued construction documents on the new junior high and high school to Drymalla,” said Sophia.
   “Drymalla is currently taking bids until Dec. 12. We’ll bring the bids to you and review them just before Christmas.”
   Dusek unveiled a few changes to the plans for the new gymnasium.
   “We’ve added new graphics to the gym including the bleachers,” she said.
   “And the gym will hold 250 more people than it currently does.”
   VVISD Superintendent John O’Brien said that the gym currently had spots for 785 people.
   “So, with the additional seats, we can fit over a thousand,” he added.

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