"Not thrilled with the workplace Christmas music takeover" by: Jessica Shepard

   As I’ve said before, I’ve got a weakness for listening to music while working.
   Depending on the urgency of the deadline I’ll listen to everything from instrumental soundtracks and rock music to 80s classics and catchy pop renditions.
   But, country music and seasonal/Christmas music are my hard limits.
   And since it’s just the first week of December, I’ve heard enough Christmas music between retail stores and my mom.
   Mom has been playing Christmas music since before Thanksgiving and it’s been a struggle not to hide every CD I can find. 
   Unfortunately, she’s taken to using YouTube to listen to hours-long collections online and it’s driving me crazy.
   There’s only some many versions of “Joy to the World” or “Little Drummer Boy” that I can stand.
   Now, to be fair, I’ll endure instrumental Christmas music more than some filled with actual lyrics.
   And I’m especially fond of acapella carols.
   The rest are just too reliant on auto-tune or take too much peppy energy to make it through.
   Still, it’s been pretty much nonstop since the end of October and the only thing that saves me is my wireless headphones and CD collection.
   As for country music, it goes way back to my childhood when I used to spend the night with my grandparents.
   My grandfather was an avid country music fan and would listen to little else in the car or at home.
   So, when we had trouble sleeping at night, he’d turn on classic country tunes from Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Elvis and several others.
   With the volume just low enough, it would help us drift off to sleep easily to classic ballads turned lullabies.
   Now, I struggle to listen to anything country music related and can’t manage even the more “pop” flavored songs.
   Even the tiniest twangs form a banjo have me yawning and it’s a difficult reflex response to fix.
   Mostly because it’s hard to fight the impulse to sleep and I’m really not a fan of many of today’s music stars.
   So, lately, it’s been a struggle to stay awake or to soldier on through mom’s Christmas music frenzy.
   After all, there’s nearly a Christmas concert in the office every day and I can’t put enough space between me and her computer.
   Aside from that, our Christmas plans are on track and we’re hoping to move outdoors this weekend to tackle hanging lights and decorate the yard.
   All of our neighbors already have their decorations up and it feels like we’re falling behind.
   Plus, we can’t be the odd house out!   

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